Mores Reserve with a new knee!

It’s been quite some time since I have tackled this walk, its tough and steep (both down and up) but the relatively secluded beach and views when you get down the hill are definitely worth the effort. It was one of the first walks I was introduced to and it’s been quite a while since me and this knee have tackled it!

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Knee milestones, Christmas and a ticky tour!

It’s been a good wee while since my last update, apologies, so this might be longer than usual, there’s a lot to catch up on! Local events, Christmas, and a wee tiny ticky tour!  Continue reading “Knee milestones, Christmas and a ticky tour!”

Veggie attempts, Mothers Day and a growing business

Typical Southland transport!
Typical Southland transport!

It’s been and wee while since I posted an update; apologies. The garden is slowly recovering after major drainage works over Christmas meant we lost almost all of the grass to trenches and huge holes. The grass is still patchy in places but the seed is now growing through. Perhaps it’s the time of year that caused it to grow really slowly. There’s still 3 huge tank caps to disguise somehow though! Continue reading “Veggie attempts, Mothers Day and a growing business”