Mores Reserve with a new knee!

It’s been quite some time since I have tackled this walk, its tough and steep (both down and up) but the relatively secluded beach and views when you get down the hill are definitely worth the effort. It was one of the first walks I was introduced to and it’s been quite a while since me and this knee have tackled it!

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Tramping and a new set of legs!

20140503-211449.jpgSometimes you find yourself seated on a rock, looking around thinking Wow, is this really my life? Today was one of those days. 

I feel blessed. I have scenery like this such a short drive from my door, Please, tranquillity, beauty, life is good. 

One of the most regular comments we get is ‘wow, you are so brave.’ You MAKE your own fortunes. As we were tramping through Mores reserve today I was thinking about what we have actually done. Continue reading “Tramping and a new set of legs!”

Mores Reserve, Mullet bay and Monkey Island tour

Mullet BayWhen I opened the curtains today I thought that the day was doomed. The rains had started and didn’t look like they were going to stop! No matter, that never stopped an Englishman!! So, off we went to explore the local coastline some more, after realising that waiting wouldn’t work!  Continue reading “Mores Reserve, Mullet bay and Monkey Island tour”

Mores Scenic Reserve: Riverton

Howells HillI was considering a trip to Riverton, the nearest coastal town to Invercargill, when Geoff, who I met on the plane here (travelled the whole way from London on the same flights!) said he was going tramping in Riverton, his usual buddy wasn’t about, did I want to come? Sure, I thought! Continue reading “Mores Scenic Reserve: Riverton”