Veggie attempts, Mothers Day and a growing business

Typical Southland transport!

Typical Southland transport!

It’s been and wee while since I posted an update; apologies. The garden is slowly recovering after major drainage works over Christmas meant we lost almost all of the grass to trenches and huge holes. The grass is still patchy in places but the seed is now growing through. Perhaps it’s the time of year that caused it to grow really slowly. There’s still 3 huge tank caps to disguise somehow though!

We tried onions this year, which went really well: both types. Of course, we grew potatoes again, which seem real easy to manage and gave tomatoes a go again. We struggle to get them to ripen – although we got more fruit than last year. Any ideas?

Its now autumn, which is a bit rubbish, as we haven’t really had a summer this year due to the odd unpredictable El nino weather conditions! We have been stocking up on wood from our neighbours, who had to chop some trees down after recent storms. img_3563-1It’s hard to know how much you will need for a whole winter, we miscalculated last year and ran out of woods, having to rely on coal!

That was strange in itself as the last experience I had with coal was my Nana when I was a child!

Another Mothers Day passes without Mum, its now 3 without her. I went to my usual spot by the sea to watch the waves and remember her. img_3566The sea is very comforting, its wonderful to live so close to it.

Mothers Day is not celebrated here till May, which will always be strange. I thought it was connected to the church calendar?

The business is going well in general. It is hard work, I think much harder than people think, I hit a down period this last week or so though, which is a little unexpected for me. On reflection perhaps its the bust that follows the New Years resolution boom, I am still learning what trends to expect. It has been up up up since I started. Ryding2Health NZ will be a year old next week. How time flies.

We were in the local paper a few weeks ago: I decided to trial mum and baby classes: a first for me if you know how much I like babies! Mum would be laughing right now! Mark sure was the first time I reported that the class was fully booked! Thank goodness for assistance though from a pregnant client who is wonderfully supportive and enthusiastic! Thanks Rebekah!

Its must have the cutest class on the timetable award, for sure!

Mark, who is currently completing his persona trainer qualification, starts his first timetabled class in two weeks: burning rubber bootcamp! We trialled it in one of my regular class slots and it was hugely popular: I am confident he will go great, although the pile of car tyres in our garden is growing by the week!!

Firstly we videoed a few of his exercise ideas to show people what it would be like.

I didn’t have a clue at first what he wanted the tyres for! Now all he does is think up new ways to use tyres for resistance training!

This was the trial class we ran: everyone loved it!!

But of course, there is always more that you can do with a car tyre (apparently!) so I am regularly called out to try out new exercises and give my opinions on whether things will actually be possible for ‘normal people’ Haha

It has been a bit mad lately at work. img_3012Tricky because I don’t yet make enough to be able to collect a decent wage for myself meaning that things are still real tight, but just a little too much work for just little old me. Advertising for staff has been time consuming, costly and an eye opener! Quite stressful too. Plus, all the paperwork that it brings and all the maths based stuff I have to learn. Everyone knows how much I hate maths!

It seems really strange to be sitting on the other side of the interview table, coming up to year end is very stressful. I am blessed with a wonderful set of clients who make a fabulous team. That was evident when we did the Relay for Life event a few weeks ago. We had to, as a relay team, walk (with baton) for a whole 22 hours from Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th March. a wonderful team to be a part of and we raised an amazing $1612. I am so proud of us all.

It is always important to escape work, and take time out. I am not always that good at that, but we do try.

The last visit to Waipapa point (which we have been to many times) was real interesting because I went clambering on the rocks, noticing all sorts of lava formations and petrified wood. IT was really interesting, rock formations here is always interesting to me, New Zealand’s volcanic history is incredible.

Its Easter weekend this weekend: the first time I have had more than one consecutive day off since Christmas, so we are looking forward to getting away for a bit of a break.

This time of year is also tricky for me as its the anniversary of when I arrived (three years ago on 15/4/16) but that means its also the anniversary of my mums cancer diagnosis and the anniversary of the day we lost her from this earth.

I’m blessed to live in such a beautiful country, with beautiful people.