#195 Self care, problem body parts & navigating the beach

In this week’s video update:

  • Ways I am prioritising self care – because I need to be in a good headspace in order to deal with the rehab challenges that come with an amputation
  • The real – technology limiting challenges all amputees face: it’s crunch time.
  • Walking on the beach: the first time with no crutches and an artificial foot.
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Brush with death: there are no Limits

Coping with injury, battles of being self employed and a brush with death

It's been an interesting couple of weeks – whereby the team I thought were supporting me actually are not, we almost missed our own anniversary and the sunny days of late winter means I can get out and walk at last. Continue reading “Brush with death: there are no Limits”

Vlog: autumn sunshine

A vlog at last, you say! Lol It means I have to THINK about it all week! And.. remember to keep recording! Did you know, the wee clips in the garden were done over just 10-15 mins and from start to finish it went from light to dark! No dusk here it’s really weird! Continue reading “Vlog: autumn sunshine”