Tales of the swimming pool…

Oh it’s been a while.. 😂

4 lanes in the shallow end – one guy (pictured) swimming with a snorkel was there when I got in. As I got in mr swim toys got in the lane on the other side of snorkel guy. (snorkel guy just swims steady and non stop the whole time I am there)

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#246 Pre race prep – the day before

The day before my first multisport race in almost tens years and I have been to collect my numbers, talk to the officials and check out the bike course

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#227 The Whakatipu Legend 5KM swim event RACE REPORT

This is from the Whakatipu Legend website: their description of the race..

Legend has it that Hakitekura, the daughter of Tuwiriroa, a Katimore chief, was the first to swim across Lake Whakatipu.

Now you can follow in her wake. Ferried from the start line across the mighty Lake Whakatipu at sunrise, you will be delivered to Refuge Point.
From here you have a 5km open water swim over the mystical, deep crystal waters. 3km will take you over depths of 400m to the shoreline of the Kelvin Heights Peninsula.

From here you follow the rocky shore line, past the watchful goats and into the narrows, around the peninsula into the shelter of the Kelvin Grove Beach to find the finish line.

The Whakatipu Legend Website: https://www.thewhakatipulegend.co.nz

This is the first time this event has been run. This is also the first time I have ever done a swim event this long.

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#224 My first gravel ride as an amputee

I have decided to make the most of Creo and her e-assist. So I got some gravel wheels as well, so now I can ride either on or off road! Here was my very first off road ride on Creo – dressed up as a gravel bike! I’ve never ever ridden a gravel bike.. not even when I had two feet!

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