On my Rock: 9 years without you

The place I sat on my return
Waves rolling as I wept
I had just laid you to rest
But memories are kept

Magic powers of the sea
Listen to its roar
Scream, yell, cry and sob
The sea can always take more

Water is the breath of life
And also takes away.
I sit atop the viewing point
And quietly I pray.

That you are looking down on me
Proud of all I have achieved
Your arms wrap round, give me a hug
It’s ok to grieve.

📝 POEM By Melanie Magowan

Happy Heavenly birthday, Mum

Me, Mum and Dad at my Masters degree graduation

Empty chairs, empty mailbox, empty heart, empty voicemail.

It’s been 5 years now since we lost you and it never seems to get easier. As the years go by I become less and less tolerant of complainers, of people who never seem satisfied with their life, their lot, their appearance, their fitness, whatever it is, they just aren’t satisfied.

I look around me. Life is tough, I often feel it’s unfair, but I’m alive to breathe another day. Sadly, you aren’t that lucky. Continue reading “Happy Heavenly birthday, Mum”