PTSD / disability: What you don’t see

All social media usually shows is the rosy side of life. I do try to post about the whole picture around living with a medical fuck up acquired disability. But there are always things you don’t see when you read about the rosier side of life.

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#181 Southland Hospital orthopaedic dept: Simulated TKR surgery and explainer

Southland hospital ran an ‘open day’ type event today raising funds for the Wishbone Orthopaedic Research foundation. I had no idea what to expect, but given any opportunity to see behind the scenes in a hospital and ask some clever people some medical questions – I’m there!

The coolest part: a simulated TKR surgery on a dummy meaning I can show you exactly what I went through, without the blood and gore! And… I finally got to see the exact type of implant they put in my knee up close.

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Poem: I can’t run

I don’t usually focus on negatives but there are some things that I try to ignore – but struggle. Things I used to be able to do, but will never do again. Things that from time to time I hear others complain about – in a nice way.. but it makes me wish I had the opportunity to complain about it. In fact, I wish I had the opportunity to do it agin, maybe even just one time.

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