Knee milestones, Christmas and a ticky tour!

It’s been a good wee while since my last update, apologies, so this might be longer than usual, there’s a lot to catch up on! Local events, Christmas, and a wee tiny ticky tour!  Continue reading “Knee milestones, Christmas and a ticky tour!”

Sunny hot dry January in Southland!

Sorry for the lack of posts this last few weeks, it has been a crazy January at work and I have struggled to find the time!

We went to Crank up in Jan  – the annual vintage machinery show in Edendale) and the weather held off – the show has expanded and is now absolutely immense! It is like a farmers playground with a DRAGSTER TRACTOR surely to be the highlight of the show!! Continue reading “Sunny hot dry January in Southland!”

Team MARBEL united at last!

Mark and BenThis week is ben’s first week in New Zealand. He is over to visit for 5 weeks, as a holiday, with a small matter called Challenge Wanaka in the middle.

I am swimming the 3.8km, Ben is cycling the mid section, 112 miles, and Mark is rounding it all off with a marathon. Should be great fun! I’m so glad I get the easy part!  Continue reading “Team MARBEL united at last!”