Sunshine and Sandy Point


Today was summer!! Apparently, it will only last 24 hours, so we decided to make the most of it. 

After some household business, we made a picnic and went off to Daffodil Bay for a picnic. Well, its a must when the sun is out!

Sandy point is a beautiful area, and there are usually no people about, lovely and peaceful.

After a lovely picnic lunch, Dad and I decided to drive further down the gravel roads and see what was down there, I hadn’t ever been any further in a car, only on foot. 

We discovered a short cut to the foot of Hatches Hill, and a lovely secluded beach in a place called Coopers Creek. How tucked away?! None of the houses in this little hamlet appeared to have power at all, but instead all had solar panels. Funny little place, and totally unexpected. 

The evening was rowing, and surprisingly Dad went out too, in a Quad with the two coaches. He seemed to really love it. Meanwhile I was in a quad with the other three guys and gals that were here today who are going to the masters games. It was an uphill struggle into a headwind and against the tide, really choppy, but it made for a rapid return! Dad even managed to get this photo! (That’s me in the white baseball cap).