I can, can you ⁉️

This is something that really and truthfully did come up yesterday as part of a clients PT session. They commented on how hard it was and asked how do I manage to do this all day every day!

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Re-modelling my life: it aint over yet. (This is massive!)

I have had issues brewing beneath the surface for a few months now, that I have not talked all that much about, but have been quietly quite concerned about. So much so, I have had quite a battle to get back into the system and have the legs looked at again. I now have the answer (which does not surprise me but also does not please me.) I feel like I have said this so many times now that the way I see myself living my future seems to change every few weeks. This is the biggest blow since losing the leg. It has made me re-evaluate my entire plan moving forward.

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Free BKA beginner fitness LIVE 10/5/21

I am a NZ REPS registered Amputee personal trainer. I am offering weekly FREE online live fitness sessions right here, and on Facebook live. I will incorporate fitness for beginners and for those with lower limb amputations. Mondays 12Pm (monthly) NZ time This is always simultaneously broadcast on my Facebook page and YouTube channel if you want to join me live.

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Beginner / Amputee free home fitness session!

This is the very first free online fitness session designed for beginners to fitness, plus BKA / AKA amputees. From next week it will also be live streamed on YouTube. Let me know what you think if you try it! These will go out live on Youtube and Facebook weekly on Mondays, 10am NZT.

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