Our first Stewart Island trip

DSC_0307I have been waiting for summer, in order to visit Stewart Island. Since none of us had been, we all went. Dad took a bus tour, while we went tramping.

Our first trail was Ryan’s creek, the second was Golden Bay and Ringaringa beach. We met back with Dad in between, for a spot of lunch from our self made picnic.

Stewart Island’s beauty cannot be described in words. It is just simply stunning. There are only 480 permanent residents, rising to 2000 in the summer with holiday home owners turning up for the summer period.

Everything is on a huge hill, we passed an old lady walking back to her house having collected the paper. She was walking up a giant hill, dog in tow, strolling like it was a perfectly flat road. Her house was for sale, the board said ‘due to declining health’. She looked perfectly fine to me!

The tramping tracks that we did are tough, they are hilly and in places, very muddy. But, each corner you turn, each gap in the trees is another beautiful photo opportunity, not to mention an excellent endurance fitness exercise!

Just be prepared for the crossing, because as one of the shallowest and windiest stretches of water, its choppy to say the least!