Sunshine, coaching and getting lost in the woods


It’s been an interesting week, both in weather and in events. The weather has sunshined, hailed, selected, rained, the whole 9 yards. We have broken records for the coolest April, ever. Super. Just what we want as we wait patiently for the council to approve our application for a multifuel burner!  Continue reading “Sunshine, coaching and getting lost in the woods”

Year 2 summary: 24 months in New Zealand 

Year 2At the end of my first year in New Zealand I didn’t think there could possibly be a year that was worse: losing mum just weeks after I left England, and only 2 weeks after I found out she was terminally ill, arriving alone in a brand new country, a city I had never been to before, starting a job that didn’t turn out to be at all like I expected it to when I accepted it via teleconference call in the UK. 

So what has year 2 brought for me?  Continue reading “Year 2 summary: 24 months in New Zealand “

Gypsy Fair and week 2 as self employed!

IMG_8471-0 Well this week the stationery arrived, so I have been on a walk about. Business is still going well, considering it is only my second week, and people that haven’t seen me for a while are commenting on how much more well, and how much happier I look. So it seems I made the right decision?  Continue reading “Gypsy Fair and week 2 as self employed!”

Happy sunny Easter to you all!

IMG_8375I never get bored of Queens Park, it looks stunning all year round. Now we have the golden colours that the leaves are starting to show as the change and fall, a true sign that winter is on its way here in the southern hemisphere.

Each time I visit the park, I notice something new. There have been more wooden sculptures springing up in recent weeks, I love how they use felled trees for art, seating or decoration. Continue reading “Happy sunny Easter to you all!”