Gypsy Fair and week 2 as self employed!

IMG_8471-0 Well this week the stationery arrived, so I have been on a walk about. Business is still going well, considering it is only my second week, and people that haven’t seen me for a while are commenting on how much more well, and how much happier I look. So it seems I made the right decision? 

smoothieThe Ryding household is still on the healthy drive, the exercise is now much more pleasurable (for me at least!) and I am finding that although its rubbish to have out of normal working hours work (but to be expected for a personal trainer just starting out solo)  it is in fact an advantage. It means that I can get all my own exercise done during the day, when its actually daylight, and when the pool, for example, is quieter. Bonus 🙂 It will be a shame when I start my part time school job! Hahaha.

I have been varying the riding, and took the mountain bike out this week. It seems a shame to have coastline so close and not go there, so I rode to Oreti Beach, then onto the beach for a bit, before slip sliding on the sand (oops) then sitting to watch the sea for a bit.

MTB on Oreti beach

Spin is still going well, and I am still learning all the new ‘dance’ tunes, slistening to music on a whole new ‘hmmm is that beat good for spin?’ type of way! I’m still slipping in some rock and metal though, into the mixes! I am going to publish the session plans on my Ryding2Health blog. 🙂

before the alarming sbnow forecast that is on us for tomorrow, we have had not a bad weekends weather. Thats a relief because the Gypsy fair is in town. No, these are REAL gypsies, with house trucks, proper roaming, all selling their wares in the fair which travels the country each year. really cool, in a hip, yesteryear kind of way. They have all come up to date too, because many stalls were very stylish arts and crafts, and most had Eftpos. Beautiful way to spend a Saturday.


Author: Melanie

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete, blogging life thru a disability lens. On wheels, with flipper and occasionally on feet.