8 months today: the other bits

Today marks 8 months since they they took my left leg below the knee. It feels like just yesterday, yet at the same time feels like a million years ago. So I decided to mark today in pictures instead of words.

It’s true, I have achieved a lot, but there is still much I also want to achieve.

Here is some of what I have been up to in the past month or so.

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#176 You’ll never guess what I’ve been doing! 😃

This weekend I went back to a few old haunts of mine in a quest to prove to myself that I CAN do this and that I AM making progress. What happened next was quite frankly, astounding!

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And then it all went pear shaped!

This was the only way I got a ride in this week. It is proving to be a consistency battle indeed. The long ride takes up over half a day so can only take place on a day off.

This week didn’t get any. Hence bike ride problem. The only ride I got in was a turbo session on Tuesday. This does not make me a happy person. But, I guess winter is to blame. Or is it?

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Happy sunny Easter to you all!

IMG_8375I never get bored of Queens Park, it looks stunning all year round. Now we have the golden colours that the leaves are starting to show as the change and fall, a true sign that winter is on its way here in the southern hemisphere.

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