Anzac Day commemorations and loving self employed

IMG_8648 Anzac Day marked the end to this week, and 100 years since the Allied landings in Gallipoli. This nation does remember, and a record crown showed out to the Cenotaph to the Dawn Parade. 

The week started well, I’m still loving working outdoors, this view is currently my office for at least part of the week. Beautiful!

I also love that I can mix work with play, and call it work! At the end of next week I’m doing a track and road cycle coaching qualification: sweet! I went to the pool this week the day it was open to 50m, I haven’t been able to do that due to work commitments for a long long time. I went to the track too, in Friday lunchtime, still loving it and gradually getting my confidence back. I love just being able to rock up and ride, no agenda, no pressure, just fun. Sadly illness prevented me from making it to rowing too this week, which was the plan originally. Still loving being paid to take spin classes too!

The weekend was a big of a wipe out, I have not been feeling too flash. As always, when I feel under the weather, I go to a Riverton Rocks, it’s always good for cleansing my soul.

The most amusing photo has to be this one though. It’s a poor do when wearing jeans and SHOES is a novelty! IMG_8646Oh the hazards of a personal trainer! Hahah.

The boxing classes and bootcamp classes that I have arranged start in a few weeks. Boxing is already full with a waiting list, Bootcamp not far behind: fabulous news! Ryding2Health is doing well 😀

It’s even warmed up a bit, and the snow has melted (for now!)


Author: Melanie

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete, blogging life thru a disability lens. On wheels, with flipper and occasionally on feet.