Happy sunny Easter to you all!

IMG_8375I never get bored of Queens Park, it looks stunning all year round. Now we have the golden colours that the leaves are starting to show as the change and fall, a true sign that winter is on its way here in the southern hemisphere.

Each time I visit the park, I notice something new. There have been more wooden sculptures springing up in recent weeks, I love how they use felled trees for art, seating or decoration.

This week marked a few firsts in the Ryding2Health re-set up. I got the new business cards, my set of boxing gloves came ready for my box-fit classes that started this week, I re-found my big sign, and I took my first local spin class. Exciting times, and I am loving it! I seriously don’t know why I didn’t do this whole thing sooner.

We have had some lovely weather this week, which is nice. In fact, we have had a great summer down here in the deep south. Still time for some lovely sunny bike rides and tramps up Forest Hill. This time we did the long hill, and got up in record time. My increased level of exercise and weight loss is seriously helping this knee mobilise me a lot lot easier! If you read the sign, you will also learn the history of the strange upside down plant, as we call it. It seems it grows up to be the right way round! How funny!

We also did another first this week too. We went to a basketball game. Well, we had been to a netball game so thought it only fair. IMG_8386The basketball was cheaper, and to be honest, I found the netball a lot more exciting! Which does surprise me!

Happy Easter!! It was sunny here, I wonder what it was doing in England…..