Sunshine, coaching and getting lost in the woods


It’s been an interesting week, both in weather and in events. The weather has sunshined, hailed, selected, rained, the whole 9 yards. We have broken records for the coolest April, ever. Super. Just what we want as we wait patiently for the council to approve our application for a multifuel burner! 

When it sunshines, Southland always looks spectacular.

I am loving working for myself. It means I get free time during the day, the pool is quiet, it’s daylight, perfect! I even made it to a lunchtime roll at the velodrome this week, had a blast! After using a slower rider as a pace marker for sprint laps till I got back used to the tilting track, I managed to get onto the back of the pace line towards the end of the session, and stayed there for a good 15 – 20 laps. That pleased me, it’s been so long since I was last in the velodrome! Thanks Dad, for the prompt! Another benefit of working for yourself, I can actually go to a nice quiet lunch time session on a Friday!

I now have three group fitness classes and a spin class as well as a PT client and a few other leads and some other casual work too. I have two classes starting in May also, the boxing class is full, I am having to buy more gloves, it’s proving to be so popular! I volunteered to help Rugby Southland with referee coaching. It’s a networking idea of mine. When I was a referee it was assessors, rather than coaches, and I got formal critical reports. This new method is much more friendly and supportive.

Woodlands v bluesI went with a coach to watch a local club premier side. It was really interesting to be on the sidelines to watch a referee rather than the game, it was also interesting to see the huge contrast of ‘club rugby’ with that of England. It’s so obvious how different a country is that has rugby as its national sport!

Craft fareBefore our orienteering romp this Sunday we went for a walk around the cloak crafters market. I love these, they are all locally made hand crafts, hats (which I am growing to love) and I can always find lovely birthday gifts here too.

We managed to go orienteering in a gap in the rain, which was a miracle actually. Mark wanted to do the short Red course, the hardest to navigate, same as we did last time down at Bluff. He had the map and was talking me through it as we went. It was tough going at times and easy to forget you were still so close to civilisation. It’s lovely to wander in the woods, off the beaten path actually. I’m growing to quite like it.

That rounds up the end of 2 year anniversary week: see the other blog for that update!