Sunshine, coaching and getting lost in the woods


It’s been an interesting week, both in weather and in events. The weather has sunshined, hailed, selected, rained, the whole 9 yards. We have broken records for the coolest April, ever. Super. Just what we want as we wait patiently for the council to approve our application for a multifuel burner!  Continue reading “Sunshine, coaching and getting lost in the woods”

Year 2 summary: 24 months in New Zealand 

Year 2At the end of my first year in New Zealand I didn’t think there could possibly be a year that was worse: losing mum just weeks after I left England, and only 2 weeks after I found out she was terminally ill, arriving alone in a brand new country, a city I had never been to before, starting a job that didn’t turn out to be at all like I expected it to when I accepted it via teleconference call in the UK. 

So what has year 2 brought for me?  Continue reading “Year 2 summary: 24 months in New Zealand “