Gypsy Fair and week 2 as self employed!

IMG_8471-0 Well this week the stationery arrived, so I have been on a walk about. Business is still going well, considering it is only my second week, and people that haven’t seen me for a while are commenting on how much more well, and how much happier I look. So it seems I made the right decision?  Continue reading “Gypsy Fair and week 2 as self employed!”

The last of sun-shiny summer?

Oreti The weather in Southland is becoming a little cooler in the evenings, a true sign autumn is here, but we still have super sunny days, which warm up nicely by mid afternoon, allowing me to still enjoy the beautiful countryside in just a T shirt.  Continue reading “The last of sun-shiny summer?”

Finding healthy and a surprise netball encounter

IMG_8014This week was about getting back to normal, restoring the healthy diet, back to work, save for the holiday in May, all sorts of other mundane things.

Of course, its also the tail end of summer too, moving towards autumn, so the nights are getting a little colder and the sunshine a little cooler.  Continue reading “Finding healthy and a surprise netball encounter”

Beautiful Southland in Springtime

IMG_3530I am still on the focus on getting the balance into life again, so I have been out and about a lot in the local area this week.

I can never get bored of Queens Park, specially in the spring sunshine. I love walking there, and it looks different each time. Continue reading “Beautiful Southland in Springtime”