Beautiful Southland in Springtime

IMG_3530I am still on the focus on getting the balance into life again, so I have been out and about a lot in the local area this week.

I can never get bored of Queens Park, specially in the spring sunshine. I love walking there, and it looks different each time. While sitting on a bench in the park one day this week, a lady went past, walking her goat! That did amuse me! It kept stopping to eat grass, then having to run to catch her up I was so amused I forgot to take a video or a photo!


I didn’t get off on a great foot this week, I broke a mirror in the bathroom cabinet door, effectively rendering the whole cabinet to the scrap heap. Does that mean EVEN MORE bad luck is coming my way? I hope not!

So I went to Demolition World to look for another. To my surprise,
they didn’t have one!! But I did take some photos and a video this time, because it is a funny we place, I love looking around there, you just NEVER know what you will find!


I also got out the Time Trial bike, and went for a long ride. It has been clipped to the turbo trainer for over a year, so it was nice to get out on it. I was chasing the weather on this particular occasion though, and decided on tea and return rather than a ride all the way up to Riverton Rocks. I’m glad, because the rain started shortly afterwards! Still, I got out there, and project ‘get my mojo back’ is doing quite well!

On Thursday, I went for a walk back to Forest Hill reserve. Its the only hill for a while in the Invercargill plains, but the steep walk up the track is rewarded with stunning views. It’s around a 1 hour all in all, but there is a longer track that takes you to another car park, that would be around 12km all in all, involving a walk / run up the hill and down, twice! Great hill endurance running for marathon runners! Its a really cool walk because you start down low in the trees accompanied by bird song and a babbling brook, them emerge out of the top of the canopy to an amazing view.


Last weekend when Mark went running, he discovered another part of the Sandy Park domain that I hadn’t seen so we went down there for a walk at the weekend. The short path at the end of a gravel road brings you out straight onto the south end of Oreti Beach. We went exploring some more, and found ourselves standing right on the tip of the peninsula at Sandy point. The whole area is full of surprises and I am SURE I haven’t discovered all of it even yet!

imageOn Saturday I braved it and went to a craft meet. I was invited as a result of sticking my name on a list at a previous craft fare I think. It has been ages since I did any crafts, I used to do it all the time. So I decided to go and see what it was about. Bonus: I found three friends there that I haven’t seen for ages! Double bonus: I got the chance to learn how to make (and take away) this little lot. 🙂

All Blacks V Argentina in the evening? There is only one place that we could possible be for that: The Northern Tavern!

IMG_3641After such a fun packed week, the Sunday had to be spent relaxing a little more, so we took advantage of the Sunday afternoon sunshine.

Another wonderful week. Better weather is good for the soul, I have decided!

Did you know, it has been a year now, since we first originally bought this house! Gosh, doesn’t time fly.