The last of sun-shiny summer?

Oreti The weather in Southland is becoming a little cooler in the evenings, a true sign autumn is here, but we still have super sunny days, which warm up nicely by mid afternoon, allowing me to still enjoy the beautiful countryside in just a T shirt. 

I dread winter, it’s not the same here. Despite it being milder, there’s no Christmas in the middle to break it up and give me something to look forward to! So I will just have to enjoy the sun and scenery while I can.

Beautiful weather for riding, so why go indoors, there’s plenty of time for that! Southland put on a show for the Masters and Juniors regatta at our club this weekend too, beautiful stillness and sun, meaning I was able to take part in only my third singles race. Scary stuff so it’s all practice! (As well as the other four races I also crammed into the morning!)

This weekend was the Surf to City. Mark took part, as he did last year.

There’s a range of events that start between Oreti Beach and the city centre, including running, mountain biking and walking. It really truly is a community event and this year there were 3500 entries. It was a wonderful atmosphere in the park, seeing so many people out enjoying sport.

The funniest thing this week though, was the garden discovery. We are still learning about this whole veggie growing thing. We have mastered the spuds. It took two goes (and advice from Dad) but I THINK we have sorted tomato growing.

Odd carrotOops, note to self, properly single seed carrots in a seed tray before planting out, or you end up with a genetic malfunction something like this! 😀

Finally, Mothering Sunday. It’s a sad day for me (although New Zealand don’t celebrate it today). It’s the second without Mum, it doesn’t get any easier. Here’s a rose from my garden, the verse is one I wrote in my card that I put on her funeral cortège.

Miss you Mum, wish you were here.


Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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