Rugby, Running, and the Theatre!

Queens Park
An action packed weekend!! We were asked whether we wanted to go to a hypnotist show on Friday evening. We thought, for $20 each, and for something to do, why not. 

We decided to make a thing of it, and went out for dinner before hand to the Batch cafe. Its a popular cafe, which has only just started opening in the evening. Its like a half way house between a cafe and a restaurant.  Continue reading “Rugby, Running, and the Theatre!”

Queens Park Evening run

Queens Park is a short jog from my house. It has a main path that is lit, but otherwise you need a head torch at night, because its very dark! But, no matter, like I have said before, shoes don’t matter, and neither do street lights. The runners I saw dotted in and out of the trees, wearing black, no light, no nothing. I think the people of Southland are born with night vision! Continue reading “Queens Park Evening run”