Rugby, Running, and the Theatre!

Queens Park
An action packed weekend!! We were asked whether we wanted to go to a hypnotist show on Friday evening. We thought, for $20 each, and for something to do, why not. 

We decided to make a thing of it, and went out for dinner before hand to the Batch cafe. Its a popular cafe, which has only just started opening in the evening. Its like a half way house between a cafe and a restaurant. 

After a celebratory drink (because Mark got himself a permanent job this week also!) and the poshest fish and chips ever, we went off to the theatre. 


The theatre was very pseudo Victorian English in style, looked much older than I expect it actually was, but lovely building inside. Three teirs, and we chose the second in order to insure that we didn’t get roped into anything. 


It seemed half the town was here tonight, I guess because there is not much of a choice of entertainment in such a small city! Being a trained hypnotherapist, I haven’t actually been to a show like this before, and do not actually agree with using skills in this way, but if people want to be entertained in this way, and are willing volunteers, who am I to argue! I recognised a lot of techniques, however the hypnotist did have a good rapport with the audience and it made for a good evening. 

We decided to go for an easy run round the local park on Saturday, and had fun trying to locate all the in-situe fitness stations dotted about, which included sit ups, chin ups, and all sorts of other torture! We also found the beautiful Stumpery. Yes, we did also do some running! 


Saturday evening saw the All blacks play the French. The cycling club met in a local sports bar to watch the game, so we decided to join them. 

Huge crowd, great atmosphere, no shame in declaring that this nation is in fact the ruler of the world in rugby terms! 

The bar staff altered the sign after the game, and gave the poor frog two black eyes!!


Sunday was a little more relaxing, some regular shopping tasks, a trip to Anderson Park, and preparations for another week at work!


One last little mention for all the fathers celebrating Fathers day in the Northern Hemisphere, its not Fathers day here down under!! Electronic online greetings cards saved the day!! 

Happy Fathers day to all fathers!

Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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