Mark’s First week!


Stirling Point famous chain link walkway

Stirling Point famous chain link walkway

Its been a roller coaster for sure, I recon. I left him with a list, post it notes and instructions, a map, and a car. 

I had sorted the house, all he had to do was get out there, do the admin, then find a job! Simple? 

Lets see. 

Describe your last week in the UK

Hectic, nerve wracking trying to sell stuff we weren’t taking like the car and getting all the house packed into a container.

What are your first impressions of Invercargill?

Small, cold but full of friendly people.

How did you find it flying into a brand new country where Mel had already set up life, so to speak?

Quite easy but also felt a little guilty that i had done nothing and turned up to a semi furnished house a car and a bank account.

What have you found hard in this first week? 

Getting to know the area, jet lag and getting used to how friendly everyone is.

What are your memorable moments from your first week?

Arriving in NZ, being back with Mel travelling to gorgeous places only half an hour away


Did you bring everything that you needed? Anything you would pack different, if you could do it all again? 

NO only having 1 23kg bag couldn’t bring a lot. More warm clothes and work clothes.