Curio bay: Catlins forest park


Champagne and coffee for breakfast!
Champagne and coffee for breakfast!

I was lucky enough to be whisked away by Mark, as a wedding anniversary present, and a welcome home (again!) present On Friday. I had previously driven through the Catlins on my way back from collecting the Visa from Dunedin, but it really was just a drive through. This time I got to stay and appreciate the sheer, untouched beauty.

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Facebook: friend or foe?


Weekly writing challenge: Facebook, to poke or to puke?

When we are talking about traditions, norm’s and the way we ‘used to do things’ we usually refer to our parents, out parents’ parents and so on. When it comes to social networking, it’s such a new thing that we have no traditions to learn from. Continue reading “Facebook: friend or foe?”