New walk/ run goal – day 1

There’s been a million reasons why my blade running has stalled. Some of those are out of my control, and some are barriers I have created for myself. Todays the day I actually start doing something about that.

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Poem: I can’t run

I don’t usually focus on negatives but there are some things that I try to ignore – but struggle. Things I used to be able to do, but will never do again. Things that from time to time I hear others complain about – in a nice way.. but it makes me wish I had the opportunity to complain about it. In fact, I wish I had the opportunity to do it agin, maybe even just one time.

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Queens Park Evening run

Queens Park is a short jog from my house. It has a main path that is lit, but otherwise you need a head torch at night, because its very dark! But, no matter, like I have said before, shoes don’t matter, and neither do street lights. The runners I saw dotted in and out of the trees, wearing black, no light, no nothing. I think the people of Southland are born with night vision! Continue reading “Queens Park Evening run”

Morning run and Tri club meet

It’s been a tough week, but that is something for another blog. This morning I decided to go and meet some of the local triathlon club who were meeting to run round fossbender park. It isn’t somewhere I had been before so I did not know what to expect. I also do not usually run its people so was bricking it to be honest.  Continue reading “Morning run and Tri club meet”