Packing up the UK house

packing upToday’s the day: the packers have started. Its been tough for both of us on both sides of the globe: setting up home in a brand new country, ALONE isn’t easy, you have read about that. But, I imagine that being on the other side of the planet making sure that you terminate everything isn’t that easy either.  Continue reading “Packing up the UK house”

The entertaining Garage sale phenomenon!

garage sale mapWhen I said I would go Garage saleing I expected a few houses with perhaps stalls, much like a car boot sale, but at the end of your drive. Not so!! What I saw was much more entertaining: much like shopping crossed with orienteering!!  Continue reading “The entertaining Garage sale phenomenon!”

Helping Hand: the amazing people of Southland

helping handDaily Prompt: Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

Easy. The amazing people of Southland. Without them all, I am convinced that I would be on a plane back to England by now.  Continue reading “Helping Hand: the amazing people of Southland”