Sunny strolls and a new business venture!

IMG_2251I do love Invercargill in the sunshine, it always looks stunning! This week has been very changeable, sunny and hot by tea time, cold nights, sudden rain. We missed cyclone Pam, but we got the wet weather in sympathy I think. Put it this way, my water tank is full again!

It was St Patrick’s day this week. As we are on a health drive, we went down to Waxy O Shea’s for one token pint, celebrating the day in the Southernmost Irish bar in the world (apparently).

It was also the Women’s lifestyle expo this weekend. I went along not because I was making a purchase, but to take a look at the clientelle, the stall owners, and see if it is worth me considering next year. I most definitely think it is. Most of the health style customers at certain stands responded to the sales pitch, freebies, and competitions. The people most interested in the stalls I was looking at were ladies wanting to lose weight. Well, that’s my speciality! I came away full of lots of ideas. I wish I had thought of it earlier, I now have to wait a year!

REPSI am quite excited that I now have the final piece of the puzzle in place: REPS registration. This means I have a national accreditation that recognises my commitment to high quality services for my clients and a commitment to regular professional development, which I need in order to maintain registration.

I have spoken to the bank, the pieces are almost all in place. The business cards are being printed, the T shirts are being printed, the car has been decorated and I am ready to rock and roll! I finish my paid day job this week, leaving me free to network, leg work and so on to get this show on the road. Exciting times! I kick it all off with a group fitness spin class for my new gym (YMCA) a week on Wednesday. Many new doors, all decisions driven by me desire to make my life a happy one, not one spent jumping through hoops for someone else. Time to create a career I enjoy. 🙂

Bella Kai mealSunday morning we went for a last meal at our local good food cafe Bella Kai. Sadly it is closing its doors next Sunday, which is a crying shame, as it is a lovely store. Here’s what is likely to be my last every meal there!

This weekend was rounded off with a walk on the Estuary walkway. I have walked it before, but Mark hasn’t.

So, since the day was dry, we took a nice stroll round the lagoon, beautiful end to the weekend.


Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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