Opportunities Overseas Expo

The-OppsOverseasExpo-300x199We booked in to visit this expo in the QE11 conference centre in London a while ago. We had been to one a couple of years ago and found it really helpful. 

Today, however, it was not quite as helpful.

Here’s why. 

  • It was small: it covered Canada, Australia and New Zealand but the expo itself was actually really small. choices and variety was limited 
  • We are quite a way down our journey already. We have spokent o and got shipping quotes from all the people who were at this expo already prior to today. 
  • We already have set up a bank account and money transfer account 
  • We have a visa sorted
  • We have a departure date sorted, job and a destination (well, one of us has a job!)

This expo would be brilliant for: 

  • People who want to emigrate and don’t know where to start 
  • People who have not yet decided which country they would like to go to 
  • People who have not yet even looked into visas and want help knowing where to start

The longest queues seemed to be to the migration agents. Seriously, it is EASY to do it alone, and the cost they charge is wasted!! You could do it yourself and save yourself the outlay!

Found it quite disappointing to be honest, so we went for a wander round London instead! 🙂