Self Employed, happy and scared: a crazy week!

DreamsWhen I started to write this I thought ‘well, nothing much has happened this week’. Then I sat and thought: not a lot of photos have happened this week, much much action and change has happened. 

For several years I have dreamed about being full time self employed. It has been something I have wished for for many years: probably as far back as when I was first asked (while I was still racing for GB) if I would consider coaching. Well, this week is the first week of my new leap of faith. It’s becoming a habit isn’t it?!

Leap of faith no. 1: move to a brand new country.

Leap of faith no. 2: leave my lifelong career of teaching.

This week I opted for leap of faith no. 3: giving up my job to pursue a desire to build a business and be self employed.

There is no way that I could have afforded to make this move in England. In fact, whether I liked it or not I couldn’t have afforded to give up teaching. I wasn’t happy, I tried a new country to see if it would restore my faith in education but there were too many fundamental things that I no longer liked. I am a different person that the person I was when I started in the profession way back in 1997. I pursued happiness and gave up a very good wage. Money doesn’t buy you happiness.

At some stage though, I needed to make a permanent leap in order to free myself up and make time to build a business up from scratch in a brand new country. I stayed in part time work long enough to retrain as a personal trainer (part time), to add to my other fitness qualifications: now that is complete, it’s time for stage 3: full blown leap off cliff with two feet!

NetworkingCoinciding with my trip to the bank was an invite to a networking training organised by the bank. I loved it and met some great people – including a very useful rugby player and an accountant!

Thursday was my last day at work, then it was into the black unknown! So far I have spoken to the bank, got a business account, name for an accountant, branded clothing and car, and two part time jobs already!

From next week I am taking over three group fitness classes for Yummy Mummy Fitness, I have a spin class to take at my new gym, YMCA (a one off to see how I go before they talk plans and contracts). All before the end of week one! But, nothing is every enough and I tend to throw myself at stuff 110% so Mark had to have a word with me about putting a box round stuff and not working 24/7. I remember making this same mistake last time I set up, so today I walked away from the computer and went out orienteering.

We went to Bluff, to a place I haven’t been: Ocean Bay. It felt truly wild and moors like, the grass was long and boggy, mixed with rocks and hills. Mark wanted to try the short red course. Finding the controls wasn’t too bad (they’re more hidden than on the easier courses) but also with it was harder terrain to traverse. I seriously wish I had taken the poles! We really must go back there it was stunning. Every corner of this fair land is stunning, I love that we are still finding places on our doorsteps that we haven’t been to, 2 years in!

To round off this week’s update I wanted to add this photo. A friend in England who knows the family sent me the link to this incredible little story, which since then has gone viral and captured the hearts of the world.  #WearYellowForSeth. We were so proud to be able to send this photo and be part of it.