Walking with Angels: Happy Birthday mum

TattsThe third year we celebrate a birthday without mum, and it affects me differently each year. This year I felt a deep sense of sadness, struggled to focus on the day. I decided to action something my sister initially thought of, and went to see a tattoo artist.

‘Walking with Angels’ was the phrase, but what font? Hmmm

We deliberated over it for ages, nothing seemed right. Then he said something that brought a tear to my eye and. Lump in my throat. If I had enough hand writing samples, they could construct it in mum’s handwriting. Perfect.

I sent them several samples and went back in today to get the tattoo. Photoshop is used for everything these days. They were able to construct the phrase from her actual writing and it looked just perfect.

The initial idea was along the side of my foot but it’s a tricky spot, wear wise so I decided on a wrap over the foot. It actually took no time at all, but was a little more painful than I remember the ankle ITU tattoo being. Anyway, he was done in minutes, and I am so stoked.

mum, now you walk with me everywhere I go.

The tattoo artist asked what would she think if she knew I had gotten this done.

She would have understood. Mum struggled for a good few years when she lost her mum, just as I have. She would have understood all too well.

My sister is going to have the same tattoo done also, perhaps not the same position but exactly the same in every other way. Cant wait to see hers too.

Trouble is now, no swimming. Either that or I wrap it in a LOT of glad wrap and Vaseline!

Happy Birthday Mum: forever in my thoughts.