Lake Mavora and local rare bits!

Lake Mavora at sunsetThis is my last week with some free time, so I decided to make the most of it, use my time well, and visit local places that I haven’t yet been to. We also decided to go on a camping trip at the weekend, our first one in New Zealand.

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Walking, biking and orienteering week!

IMG_4084 This is my third week of consciously getting my balance back. I have successfully managed to do everything that I intended to do this week, and am feeling pretty happy. I even voted in the general election, my first time in New Zealand. Continue reading “Walking, biking and orienteering week!”

Sport, sunshine and memories; new and old

IMG_3762Its been a lovely weeks weather here in Southland, the kind of weather that you can’t help but be cheerful at, that makes you glad you’re alive, and makes me thankful that I live in such a beautiful country. Continue reading “Sport, sunshine and memories; new and old”

Beautiful Southland in Springtime

IMG_3530I am still on the focus on getting the balance into life again, so I have been out and about a lot in the local area this week.

I can never get bored of Queens Park, specially in the spring sunshine. I love walking there, and it looks different each time. Continue reading “Beautiful Southland in Springtime”