Sport, sunshine and memories; new and old

IMG_3762Its been a lovely weeks weather here in Southland, the kind of weather that you can’t help but be cheerful at, that makes you glad you’re alive, and makes me thankful that I live in such a beautiful country.

Beautiful Invercargill, Well, a snippet of it!

I had some time to kill between appointments earlier in the week, so decided to walk around the museum in Queens Park. I have been in there a number of times before, but love walking round. I didn’t realise how many of the displays had changed, always an interesting visit.

IMG_3821Wednesday 10 September marks my mum’s birthday, her second since leaving us. I always bought and sent her flowers on her birthday, so just like last year, I bought her some again, and they are pride of place in my house for safe keeping.

Happy Birthday mum, and rest in peace. Just because you aren’t with us any more doesn’t mean you have to stop getting flowers. 🙂

Of course, no week is complete without a walk in Queens Park. On Wednesday I just sat there a while, in silence and cried, I miss her terribly, even now. The sunshine and the birdsong helped to cheer me up.

On my new fitness regime, no week is complete without a row, a swim and a bike ride, and due to the beautiful weather I managed all three this week. I am now doing a regular 4km swim once a week, in preparation for challenge Wanaka. This swim thing will be easy, come February!! I also enjoy just getting on the bike, I didn’t manage a ride to Riverton this week though, its top of my list for a fine day next week: all the way to Howell’s Point this time, hopefully.

IMG_3655I decided to make a journal too, to keep and construct all sorts of reminders, I started with happy pages and mum memory pages. It quite therapeutic, and it really works to write things down when you are struggling to make key decisions.

Our luck continued and we won tickets to the Southland Stags game at bingo on Thursday, not any old tickets, but PLATINUM tickets! Awesome! That saved us $50! So we got to watch an incredibly nailbiting game. Here are some highlights:

We then went straight to the Northern to watch the All blacks play Argentina  – another nail biting game, and the place was PACKED!! There was even a loo queue – unheard of here in Invercargill!

On Sunday, it was still bright and fine, so we went for a walk on Sandy Point. Each time we go there, we discover a new path or two. This time it was deforestation that we discovered. I know its essential but it doesn’t half make a place look different.

Here is a wee video clip summary of the walk. Just 25 seconds!

IMG_3958On the house front, Mark has now finished his home made mini greenhouse, and we have now planted carrot and onion seeds. Potatoes and tomatoes still to come.

This is a first in the Ryding household (from seed) so wish us luck!