Sunny Christmas? We’re all set!

sunny ChristmasThis week has been a little surreal to be honest, being the penultimate week until Christmas. The sunshine has finally stayed with us, I think El Nino spring has finally ended and we have some warm sunshine. I couldn’t feel further from Christmassy if I tried! I am not sure I will ever get used to these upside down seasons!  Continue reading “Sunny Christmas? We’re all set!”

House DIY project no. 1 complete!

Bike to workIt’s been rather a quiet week this week. My job started its regular hours which has taken some getting used to. For all these years I have been an early riser, sport then work. Now that I start at 7am and finish at 2pm, things have to spin around! Continue reading “House DIY project no. 1 complete!”

Sport, sunshine and memories; new and old

IMG_3762Its been a lovely weeks weather here in Southland, the kind of weather that you can’t help but be cheerful at, that makes you glad you’re alive, and makes me thankful that I live in such a beautiful country. Continue reading “Sport, sunshine and memories; new and old”

Brick ride, and local research: more sight seeing by bike!

IMG_4450I have done well, after that first awful crash and burn of week one. I have been busy busy busy with sorting, searching, working or training. Today was the first day I was left sat at home alone. I was dreading it. Continue reading “Brick ride, and local research: more sight seeing by bike!”