#181 Southland Hospital orthopaedic dept: Simulated TKR surgery and explainer

Southland hospital ran an ‘open day’ type event today raising funds for the Wishbone Orthopaedic Research foundation. I had no idea what to expect, but given any opportunity to see behind the scenes in a hospital and ask some clever people some medical questions – I’m there!

The coolest part: a simulated TKR surgery on a dummy meaning I can show you exactly what I went through, without the blood and gore! And… I finally got to see the exact type of implant they put in my knee up close.

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Oxman Aquabike: racing again after 9 years off for injury

Lets just say the preparation on the run up to this race was very far from ideal. What with the impromptu unplanned extended stay on the Gold Coast, to the left leg injury and nerve pain which has still not been tested (due to the aforementioned Gold Coast drama) I have done a LOT less cycling that I was hoping for. I almost did not start this race at all.

How did it go? Hmmmmmm.

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Cycling progress; training with Zwift

This week, cycling has been my focus as I attempt to get my training back on track. Winter continues to rip through Southland meaning going outside is a lot less desirable than staying indoors! So, Zwift has been getting some exercise as I work at consistent cycling without freezing my ass off.

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Winter cycling and TKR strength building

What happens when you’re self employed, things at work do a bit belly up combined with increased actual customer demand…. well you end up doing crazy hours and forgoing the rest of your life, that’s what!

And that is exactly what has happened this week. You know the person who thinks that being a personal trainer makes you fit… needs to be shot because it actually does the opposite!

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