January in Southland Crank up and Cycling!

January has seen me get into this position a bit more, which since I have been laid up incapacitated for so long, this makes me very happy! 

I have worked this knee up from refusal to being able to regularly ride my bike. Ok, not yet pain free completely, but it’s improving every day. I am also beginning to venture outside – I have not tackled hills yet, uneven terrain that is not paved streets is challenging enough to start with! But, I can walk some of the local short routes, I got to the top of Hatches Hill (getting back down again was a different story haha!) and it was a way to force me to tackle steps, because my house is one level so I have nowhere to practice them! I’m way better going up than going down, but then again, no change there then!

January also marks the annual edendale Crank up. I totally underestimated how hard it would be to walk for a few hours on paddocks! But, the sun was shining, it was a great day out and it always amuses me how very passionate those guys all are about old engines! The wee traction engines always make me smile. Something that once had an important job is now merely someone’s hobby! Then there’s the weird double welded together tractor – erm why would you? Because you can – I guess!

I will never see a log truck the same again though after watching a demo at last years Crank Up where they showed you how they emptied the truck and stacked the second trainer on top of the first!

I do have one small request though. Dear Crank up, please re-word your ‘INVALID PARKING’ sign. Somehow, disabled just sounds much more positive!

I am still attending hydrotherapy, although I am currently having some disagreements with the physiotherapist who leaves me to my own devices just a bit too much for my liking. I am not sure if it is because that is how it is, or because they assume I am ok because I am a personal trainer, but it is beginning to tick me right off. I am still working my cardio fitness back up (which is quite crap, but getting there slowly) and my flexion (which I have gotten to 120, but not consistently). Now I need to also get some strength back.