Lignite pit gardens and the wheels are still moving!

So this week we have gone out of our way to keep active in a way that is kind to me and my knee. That has seen us go to local spots we haven’t seen as well as knee friendly spectator sports!

The lignite pit is as it sounds, was once a quarry and is now gardens with a tea room. We went over to have a stroll in the grounds last weekend, which are quite simply stunning, and deceptively large! Proper tea (in a cup and saucer) and home made pie: delicious!

This week was also the week I finally went to see the knee guy. Oh my gosh when it comes to public health. I waited for OVER 2 hours for my appt, finally seen at 7pm, my appt time was 4:30PM. Not much fun. Here is what they said.

So after all that, there was only one solution for┬áthe evening…. this one.



I have decided, having spoken to a number of my clients who have knee troubles themselves, to make my journey public in the hope that I can inspire some people (and myself) to believe that not all is lost. I have to admit, I am not feeling particularly positive at the moment, I think I have lost those positive pants, or perhaps they were stolen when I wasn’t looking.

So, I decided to go for a bike ride it ALMOST always makes everything better, if the knee is behaving itself! I am often put off riding because I never know how it is going to go, whether it will be easy to make it round the loop or not, whether I will need rescuing, or not. On this occasion it was playing ball. I have to keep telling myself that moving forwards is better than stationery. Maybe I need to remove and throw away my speedometer completely!

Finally we went to the track. This is finally a knee friendly spectator sport, I can sit and not move and see everything! It is not always easy to work out what is going on and who is leading though, specially in the strange bunch races!