Big Ruby here I come: Weekly Vlog 15 Jan 17

unnamed-1 I decided to go for weekly vlogging, which should help keep me on track as I got a little off kilter at the end of last year keeping you guys all up to date. So here is this week’s update. Hope you enjoy it. I have also added it in text if you prefer to read 🙂 

This week was the first complete week back at work, however its mighty frustrating and I would liken it to the old English Factory Fortnight that we used to have – except its officially a two week break (as seen on TV!) but many businesse take 3-4 weeks! Lots of clients went away this year whereas they didnt last year, so business is still slow. plus, I have to say that summer is rubbish!

I have finally entered the Ruby!

This is a 3.8km swim around Ruby Island (twice) in Lake Wanaka. I love this wee race and have done it since it first began – this is its third year. Sadly though, As you saw in our Christmas update, I am still to actually set foot on the island, which apparently has the remnants of an old dance floor, because all i seem to do is swim round it (or get blown ashore while trying to kayak to it!!)

The new building is still behind, around 3 weeks behind schedule. Frustrating as its costing me big time at the moment. Here is the full update as of the end of this week.

We have been working hard in our spare time to help get Mark through some more of his Personal Trainer course: he fitness tested me this week, and Melissa one of my staff! (Then decided to do it on himself too!

He’s getting there slowly! (But summer certainly isn’t!)