Swimming my way through summer.. literally

img_0240We have had severe weather warnings this week, civil defence coastal alerts, the works. Just reminding those who control the weather… this is meant to be summer?!

This continues to be the all time worst summer to date. Even friends in central Otago, which is usually crisp and dry and has fire ban through summer are cranking up their wood burners. Cardrona near Wanakore saw snow this week. MID SUMMER snow! It’s crazy!

Distance swimming

I have been focusing on my last week or two of swimming before The Big Ruby next weekend in Wanaka. (If the weather allows it to go ahead!). I did my last big swim this weekend and I feel like I’m right back on track, felt good, not baboon like tired shoulders knuckles dragging arms no work as I have the last few times.

Earlier in the week while I was at the pool, the Southern Steel Premiership netball team were going in as I was going out. They had hired a lane, shame I was going as I was very curious what netball training in water looks like. But they were out again and leaving in the time it took me to walk to the changing rooms and have a shower!

The later long swim visit saw some more curious encounters. With teenagers. A group sat at the side of the pool right beside the lane I was swimming in, right in front of my bag. You can imagine my preconceptions. However I carried on. What it turned out they were going was watching each other and videoing jumps of the high diving board which was open.

One of them came and stood on the starting blocks in the lane beside me. They got my attention and asked was it ok if they did a bomb off the blocks. I was quite taken aback that they had thought to ask! Of course, I said, I’m a sea swimmer it won’t bother me in the slightest! It was actually the lifeguard that eventually rained on their parade!

In the changing rooms, you do a U turn from pool side into the female changing, no door, just a wall partition. I often almost walk into people coming from the other side because of the layout. As I was going in a couple of teenagers were coming out. They stepped clear aside to let me past. I thanked them, and they replied, my pleasure.

My faith in the teenage ‘race’ was monetarily restored this weekend!