Vlog 6: Timaru coastal ramblings

vlog-6Today was a cycling swimming and walking day; I was in my element: if it wasn’t for the killer coastal dog and the lack of mountain bike skills on my part! I feel much more able on a bike and in the water, my legs on their own don’t work too well any more. Continue reading “Vlog 6: Timaru coastal ramblings”

Vlog 5: Edible Geraldine!

vlog-5Geraldine is a place rather than a person, and what a curious place it is too, tucked into the centre of rural Canterbury! It has some fabulous ideas for community sharing and encouraging people to grow their own produce plus we even found Geraldine made cheese: Cheshire no less! Continue reading “Vlog 5: Edible Geraldine!”

Vlog 4: 2 for the price of 1 – nothing, plus something!

twizelToday I tackled two vlogs, a 5×5 vignette 5 x 5 second clips to tell a mini story, plus a vlog of what we did today. This one is largely a voice over, which actually turned out much harder than I thought! Have a look and tell me what you think!  Continue reading “Vlog 4: 2 for the price of 1 – nothing, plus something!”

Vlog 3: Sea Kayaking NOT in the sea!

vlog-3We had to wait all morning for today to behave itself: eventually we got on the water but I haven’t been in a sea kayak before: way different! The wind whipped up 1/2 way up the lake and washed us ashore: we didn’t make it to Ruby Island as first planned 🙁

Continue reading “Vlog 3: Sea Kayaking NOT in the sea!”

Vlog 2: Biking in wine country

vlog-2Today saw us start our ticky tour week, with a stop in Wanaka. I even went searching a missing screw (left behind accidentally by me so MUST go find another immediately!) so I could take the go-pro with me on our adventures, starting today with a mountain bike ride along the river in picturesque Central Otago Continue reading “Vlog 2: Biking in wine country”