Tramping: reminders of why we live here!

IMG_3133 With the days getting lighter and the weather getting better, we are able to get out and about a bit more, which is great news.

Earlier in the week I made it a priority to create some space in my day, and went back to Oreti beach, this time for a walk along the sand.

Orti beach It’s a much flatter beach than Riverton, but I love that the flat expanse of sand goes on for miles, and is golden in colour, which is a contrast to the usual rugged volcanic coastline nearby. Behind this view, are huge sand dunes that stretch for miles also, and you can drive right onto the beach.

This week I started to play around with video blogs, and have been trying the 5×5 format, 5 clips of seconds. It’s hard work! I’ll include them in, you can find them all on my tumblr blog. 

Anderson Park Art galleryI also went for a walk in Anderson Park. I have been to the house before but sadly it is now closed to the public due to new building regulations following the Christchurch earth quake. I hope they manage to open it again. Nevertheless, the walk in the gardens was lovely anyway and it was a glorious day.

Another place I have been this week for the first time is the Invercargill Estuary walkway.

What a beautiful walk that is. They are in the process of constructing an extension all the way to Bluff.

Mark wanted to go for a run on Saturday morning, he’s training for the local half marathon which is soon. He went off on his run, which included a long stretch of Oreti beach (which he said was hard, but boring!). Meanwhile I went for a walk instead.

I never get bored of Daffodil Bay, even when it’s a foggy morning!

The evening was spent at the rugby, it was a local Derby between Southland Stags and Otago. Not the result we were hoping for 😦

IMG_3315On Sunday we tried a new tramping track that’s nearby, the Longwood Long Hilly, which is near Riverton. It leads through the remains of Chinese and European gold sluicing operations dating back to 1875. The track we did took us 1 hour (the sign said allow 2.5) but there are other tracks that are various lengths!

I couldn’t fit this walk into 25 seconds, there was simply too much! So I varied rules just for today and made it 10×5 seconds!