Tales of the swimming pool…

Oh it’s been a while.. 😂

4 lanes in the shallow end – one guy (pictured) swimming with a snorkel was there when I got in. As I got in mr swim toys got in the lane on the other side of snorkel guy. (snorkel guy just swims steady and non stop the whole time I am there)

I’m around 200m into my swim when I notice mr swim toys had a pull buoy and his pace is pretty decent. So I decide to keep an eye on him. I’m not sure if he noticed this but he seemed to pick the pace up a bit. At this point we both tore past snorkel guy- one either side (sorry!) 🤪

I was sprinting for 1, swimming hard for 1 to keep up with mr swim toys but I could just about hang onto his feet. Then he stopped. 600m on my watch. Darn I was having fun here! So I carried on to 800m at the same pace I had been going. 🤨

It was a pretty high effort level for me from the start, no warm up, so I decided to stop and have a rest. 🥵

Just as I was contemplating carrying on the ducks all lined up in a row and both snorkel guy and mr swim toys arrived at my end at about the same time. So I decided to do unto them what so many do to me, and I set off just in front of them as they came in for the turn.

Now it was a case of see if I can stay in front. 😬 I gave myself 400m. Mr swim toys is now swimming with paddles on his hands, no pull buoy. I immediately noticed he was a lot slower. Clearly had not sorted out his core and bouyancy / body position in the water!

So, I managed to stay in front of him, very gradually pulling away from him, only gradually. He was working hard. on the other hand I was making excellent ground on snorkel guy and by 200m I was behind him on the same length (1 length ahead). Could I actually lap him before the end? 🤔) I dug in hard for the last 200.

With 75 to go I drew level with snorkel guy. On the penultimate lap I got ahead of him, finishing just in front (having lapped him completely.)

Mr swim toys was about 1 lap behind me.

I stopped to have a wee rest before my 400m cool down.

Swim toys got out and left. Snorkel guy was still going (and was still swimming when I left too!) 🙌🏻

1200m at the chase pace, with an additional 400m warm down afterwards. I had a LOT of fun!

[wonder how they both felt about being beaten on all sides by a 1 legged female swimmer? 🤔🤭]

Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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