April: a month in pictures

I knew there was a good reason that I always take heaps of photos… because it reminds me of all the awesome things I have done and achieved! Here is a collection of pictures to represent April’s events.. with a few more triumphs than I had remembered when I recorded my last vlog! This was my seventh month as an amputee.

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Puzzles over coffee and more Southland musings

unnamed-3Saturday is meant to be a day of rest, however when its raining, like I said yesterday, there’s only one thing for it: exercise. So I started my day with an indoor bike while Mark ran and we ended with a swim. Perfect! (With some puzzles, coffee and coastline in between). Continue reading “Puzzles over coffee and more Southland musings”

Time out Queens Park and a surprise trip to the unexpected

Front doorstep viewThis week my focus has been to take some time out of every day, rather than sit in my office working right through my lengthy crazy shifts. Here’s how I got on.

I have taken to sitting on the front step to drink my cuppa and chill, the view here is still not too bad. the back garden is like a building site and will be for a while yet: credit to mark who’s getting a major workout straightening it all out!  Continue reading “Time out Queens Park and a surprise trip to the unexpected”