April: a month in pictures

I knew there was a good reason that I always take heaps of photos… because it reminds me of all the awesome things I have done and achieved! Here is a collection of pictures to represent April’s events.. with a few more triumphs than I had remembered when I recorded my last vlog! This was my seventh month as an amputee.

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There’s a famous person in the house!

imageWhen this wee camper van was blocking our drive this evening, I was a bit irritated, looked like possible hippies! Mark said it was an older person, when they finally moved and we could get into our house, he said I should go are they ok, I need to behave like a kiwi, not A pom! Continue reading “There’s a famous person in the house!”

Tramping at Sandy Point

20130922-181106.jpgWe went tramping today (hiking/walking). It was intended to be a little afternoon stroll, and ended up being a 3.5 hour hike! beautiful beautiful area! We feel so lucky! Sandy Point is only a few minutes away from us by car. There wouldn’t have been anything like this in the UK. Some beautiful photograph opportunities, as you will see. Continue reading “Tramping at Sandy Point”