Time out Queens Park and a surprise trip to the unexpected

Front doorstep viewThis week my focus has been to take some time out of every day, rather than sit in my office working right through my lengthy crazy shifts. Here’s how I got on.

I have taken to sitting on the front step to drink my cuppa and chill, the view here is still not too bad. the back garden is like a building site and will be for a while yet: credit to mark who’s getting a major workout straightening it all out! 

Monday’s time out was pool time: I took the gap in my appointments as an opportunity for some training time: knocking out 100 lengths during the quiet time just before lunch. Pretty much a lane to myself. I was pleased to see I could still knock it out, everything has been short lately, squashed in between other things in my busy schedule.

imageSince I entered the Big Ruby (hopefully it will go ahead this time) and have had the wetsuit repaired (I managed to rip the ankle – oops!) I thought I had better do a little more distance training in the pool. All’s well so far, not a lot lost for the shorter swim training. I do find swimming really relaxing actually. I set off intending to just do 64 lengths, but decided to just keep going. 🙂

The lane is closed in this picture because I also do swim coaching: I grabbed another opportunity for a quick 1000m on Wednesday morning too after the coached session!

Queens Park is really close, I love sitting chillaxing there too: It never gets boring, because it is such a beautiful park.


I was here working too, as the weather improves my running clients and I can now get outside too. Beautiful early morning office, isn’t it?

Thursday, however, didn’t go quite to plan.

When I finished my early morning spin class, I thought I had heart burn, so went to the supermarket for gaviscon. 4 tablets later I still didn’t feel better. I called the medical centre for advice. They asked me to rush straight in for an emergency appointment and to cut a long story short, the doctor was worried about my chest pains being worsened by exercise and called me an ambulance to send me to hospital!

image3 ecg’s, a chest X ray and some blood tests later (much later, actually) I had had to cancel all my days appointments. My clients were really accommodating actually, but the swim school were left rather concerned by the nurses call saying I wouldn’t be in. I never cancel anything at short notice!

Anyway, all was clear and I have been told not to exercise till Tuesday and see if I still get pains. so far so good.

The weekend was spent relaxing because my day off became a catch up working Friday. We went to the Beautiful Riverton Rocks and had a coffee and cheeky desert at Mrs Clark’s cafe. Man, their gingerbread is yummy!!

Mark wrapped up his weekend with a winning streak. At the workingmen’s club on Saturday night he managed to win some slow cooked steak in the meat raffles and $200 in another prize draw!

Nope, we didn’t win the lottery that day too, shame!

So, all in all, apart from a Thursday glitch, the chill time is improving!