Flowers in focus

blossomIt seems odd: I bought some daffodils today. apparently spring is coming. Its really weird not knowing what exactly to expect and when. That’s just something I have always taken for granted. January and February are cold, March starts to warm up, May-August is summer (sometimes!)… and so on. Now its all turned on its head.  Continue reading “Flowers in focus”

Rugby, Running, and the Theatre!

Queens Park
An action packed weekend!! We were asked whether we wanted to go to a hypnotist show on Friday evening. We thought, for $20 each, and for something to do, why not. 

We decided to make a thing of it, and went out for dinner before hand to the Batch cafe. Its a popular cafe, which has only just started opening in the evening. Its like a half way house between a cafe and a restaurant.  Continue reading “Rugby, Running, and the Theatre!”

Queens Park Evening run

Queens Park is a short jog from my house. It has a main path that is lit, but otherwise you need a head torch at night, because its very dark! But, no matter, like I have said before, shoes don’t matter, and neither do street lights. The runners I saw dotted in and out of the trees, wearing black, no light, no nothing. I think the people of Southland are born with night vision! Continue reading “Queens Park Evening run”

Brick ride, and local research: more sight seeing by bike!

IMG_4450I have done well, after that first awful crash and burn of week one. I have been busy busy busy with sorting, searching, working or training. Today was the first day I was left sat at home alone. I was dreading it. Continue reading “Brick ride, and local research: more sight seeing by bike!”