Invercargill museum, and Velodrome


remember these?

My day started with an early morning swim. I decided to go a little later this morning (basically because I could!) and ended up amongst the retired masses, and a synchro team practicing!! Nevertheless,

there were so many public lanes that I was able to have a lane to myself for the whole hour!! Bliss!! Since I had no work today, I decided to round off the visit with a sit in the swirl pool (spa pool) and sauna, apparently freshly refurbished. All for just over $5, not bad. I also got myself a discount card too, 10 swims paid in advance and you get 15% off. Every little helps, like tescos says!!

Today was forecast rain, so I decided early on that todays easy bike would be in the gym, well, I paid for the membership, I have to use it after all! I have had enough of getting wet just lately!

A lovely morning coffee with Eirlys from Settlement support (who said I was looking a lot better today than our last meeting, just after I arrived!) and some more essential questions and answers, and I was off to work through my to do list. I have activated my visa card (you have to take it into a bank when you get it through the post, with some ID, and set a PIN number for it, before you can use it)

By this time it was tipping it down so I went to Invercargill museum, indoors, hahaha!

I really must watch this film ‘fastest little Indian’ that they keep talking about!


how steep?!

At first what a dilemma, should I choose spin of this, but when I saw the track, no contest!!! Hahaha

I need a go at this!


Ivercargill Velodrome

Tea time saw my visit to the gym. I decided to go at ‘rush hour’ to see if it was mine or their idea of busy. I will let you decide for yourself:

'rush hour' haha

‘rush hour’ haha