Scan update: the magic of collaterals?

This whole vascular surgery journey has taught me a heck of a lot about the vascular system that I simply didn’t know before. Having all my previous surgical experience firmly planted in orthopaedics, this has been a roller coaster ride of learning and discovery.

It has now been 3 weeks since my last surgery, and time for a scan and an update on how the graft is doing.

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You could have lost your leg.

This is the truth. You might say I am seeing the worst in a situation, being melodramatic, or perhaps scaremongering. But this is the raw truth of the situation.

Because several medical staff failed to listen to what I was saying, did not properly and thoroughly investigate all of my symptoms and therefore missed the fundamentals, I could have lost my leg.

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Life with 1.5 legs: the return of LIVE rugby!

We were so excited when New Zealand went 24 days absolutely Covid – free… then there’s the drama of the last few days with 5 new active cases – all from people entering New Zealand from overseas. Still, aside from that, the super rugby franchise came to an arrangement – so that we can now host a Super Rugby Aotearoa championship – a round robin between New Zealand teams. Aaaaand…. the Highlanders season ticket that we had thought was turning out to be a waste of money, suddenly came alive again!

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Dealing with lock down nerve pain – the story of the nightmare leg

As you know, I have nerve damage in my lower back, and right before this Coronavirus thing kicked off, I had been for an MRI and seen a nerve pain specialist who had then, as a result of what the MRI was showing, referred me to a spinal surgeon. The idea was to talk through the symptoms, results of the MRI and whether surgery would be an effective option to help alleviate some of my pain symptoms.

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