Life with 1.5 legs: the return of LIVE rugby!

We were so excited when New Zealand went 24 days absolutely Covid – free… then there’s the drama of the last few days with 5 new active cases – all from people entering New Zealand from overseas. Still, aside from that, the super rugby franchise came to an arrangement – so that we can now host a Super Rugby Aotearoa championship – a round robin between New Zealand teams. Aaaaand…. the Highlanders season ticket that we had thought was turning out to be a waste of money, suddenly came alive again!

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Emergency surgery – facing another hospital stay

I feel like it has been one calamity after another lately. It’s as I was getting over the knee replacement, I began to have problems with my left (non TKR) leg. An 18 month fight with the medical system and multiple bungles / incorrect diagnoses could now leave me with permanent damage and loss of function.

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