Vlog 1: Why Vlog? Plus Christmas Kiwi style

Here is my new mini project: Vlogging. I see it as a better way to directly connect to all my friends and family all around the world, have a look, give me your feedback. If you like it please subscribe, Youtube has changed its rules so I need 100 subscribers to change my channel URL to something sensible and rememberable! Thanks! Continue reading “Vlog 1: Why Vlog? Plus Christmas Kiwi style”

Trip to UK – a photo summary!

EnglandIt was a fabulous opportunity to go back to the UK and visit family and friends, I was just sad that due to the back to front seasons, I could only stay 7 days. A long way to go for 7 days.

Still, I got to visit my sister, and meet my new twin nieces, so sad though that I live so far away from her. I now rely on Facebook more than ever.  Continue reading “Trip to UK – a photo summary!”